First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for high school students here in Providence, RI. I still can’t believe how quickly the summer went by and here we are again counting down the days until next summer… FYI it’s 178 days 😳 yesterday was a bit hectic like it always is here at Hope. I have been at Hope High school in Providence for six years and I absolutely love my co-workers and students! There are some disadvantages of working in an urban school but I’ll get to that in another post. I’m hoping this is a fantastic school year for both me and my students, so that we can make this the best year yet! I will post pictures of my classroom later once it’s completed but for now here’s my first day of school outfit!

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Labor Day Weekend Sales

So many great sales are going on right from Nordstrom, Loft, H&M, but right now Hunter rain boots are on sale and this literally only happens like twice a year. If you’ve never owned a pair I suggest you invest in a pair because they are super comfortable and easy to wear all day long. I will be linking all my products through affiliate links from this point forward so feel free to share with other readers who love to shop 😃


Hunter boots:


Winter Storm 2017

Here in Rhode Island this past weekend we were hit with quite a snow storm. Much of RI received 10″ with some parts getting a bit more or less. As a teacher I prefer my snow to arrive Monday- Thursday, but it gave me an excuse to stay warm and snuggly in the house. We did make it outside once the storm subsided to go sledding. My son however did not enjoy the moment as much as I did. Oh well I guess we’ll try again next time 😔

I’m wearing CoatHat similar style, and Sorel Boots. My son is wearing Northface CoatShoes and Hat.  I’ll keep tagging my outfits and I always make sure it’s the best price possible 😉

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Back at it 

We all hate this time of year, it’s cold, dreary and nothing to look forward to until March when spring arrives… if it arrives at all! Rhode Island is a tough place to live in the winter; people hibernate, roads are treacherous and if you’re a teacher then the work days are long. 

For me it’s been difficult since having my son last December 2015 to come to work everyday but I keep telling myself it’s worth it in the end. I envy the SAHM who can adhere to their own child’s schedule instead on 25 schedules of others people’s children. I’m not complaining because I love my job but honestly I love my life more! Oh and FYI my tree is still up, ornaments are removed but lights still remain until I muster up the energy to take them down. 

All Christmas decor purchased from Target which is all on sale now Tree topper and the wooden wall art is linked here Wall art

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Baby it’s cold outside ❄️

I love hiking with my dog, in fact it’s about the only thing I love to do besides shopping and teaching. So it’s obvious that when I do shop I look for items that are not only trendy but practice for my everyday lifestyle. My everyday routine on all occasions begins with a hike with my dog, Sonny. We love to hike and explore new trails. So today it’s no wonder we were outside hiking in the freezing temps tires (it felt like 20 F). My wonderful husband was awesome enough to purchase me a great pair of winter hiking boots that will definitely look cute and protect my tootsies for the snow and cold. And my gift to myself was a fabulous North Face coat that is adorably lined with pink and keeps me extremely warm. Here’s a look


And if only I had a picture of my hat. It’s kinda goofy but really warm and comfy. Here’s my dog Sonny with his little puffer vest.


Boots are Sorel Tofino Cate
Coat is North Face Gotham Graphite Grey


Christmas Time is here

As we come to the end of the holiday season and almost our Christmas break… I have a lot of time to reflect on the previous year and teaching. I have come to realize that dressing to impress does do just that… Impress. Whether its you, your co-workers or your boss, dressing professionally and fashionably shows them that you take time for yourself to get ready, which translates into your life as well. So if you’re taking the time to dress nicely then you’re also probably taking the time to make your classroom a better place as

Here’s ugly sweater day at school before our break, where we decided to show our playful side to everyone.

Sweater: Target christmas sweater


Stripes for Spring

I didn’t get a good picture of my outfit yesterday but here’s the one I took… The pants are linen and loose fit at the top and slim through the ankle. This seems to be the popular trend this year and I’ve actually had these pants for three years, they’re from The Loft. The shirt is also old but Michael Kors so it wears well… Shoes are my signature nude BCBG pump and jean jacket Gap…



May Fiesta

Since April vacation, school has been flying by… I can’t believe it’s already May 5! Happy Cinco de Mayo and also Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my fellow teachers. One of my students loved my outfit today and took a #snapchat of me for themselves. For those of you who don’t know what #snapchat is, it’s a sharing app that allows users to view a picture or video set on a timer for the people who follow them. Some pictures only appear once and are gone forever… Here it is


Top: New York & Co
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: BCBG ( TJMaxx )


Easter Break

It’s finally spring here in temperamental Rhode Island! With summer right around the corner, the weather is still confusing most of us around here. Dressing for spring yet trying to not freeze is difficult, especially for a petite person. Layering only makes me look bigger and like I’m a child playing dress up. I opt for my light weight pieces that don’t overwhelm my body type. Here’s my Easter outfit from last Sunday. Let’s just call it a #snapchatselfie

Top: Target
Jeans: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Tom Ford